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Kwangpok Rhee, CEO

Kwangpok Rhee is the CEO of Mint. He designs the algorithm and neural network of our trading engines. Even though he is a licensed doctor, he has long been into quant and high-frequency algo-trading with experience of 15 years and cumulative trading volume of multi-billion dollars. Despite the trading universe of the wide variety of high-risk traditional financial derivatives and cryptoassets, he survived the Great Recession of 2007-2009, the Covid Crash of 2020, and several flash crashes in between. He is also the CFO of Sindbad which has expertise in deep reinforcement learning-based high-frequency trading, and the CEO of Move, an edu-tech company he founded as a high school senior two decades ago. He earned an M.D. from Seoul National University.

June Oh, CTO

June has a keen interest in the relationship between people and technology. He sold his first code after dropping out of highschool, but then went to college to study English Literature and Philosophy. During his undergrad years he co-founded QuantumSurf, and worked at Deep Bio where he met Sanghun. After taking an engineering role at Google upon graduation, June now joins Mint as a CTO who aims to promote trust and freedom via blockchain.

Sanghun Lee, Engineer

Sanghun Lee is a machine learning engineer at Mint Technologies Inc. Before joining Mint in January 2021, Sanghun was an ML engineer at promising startup companies tackling ML problems. He won Camelyon17, which is one of the major medical ML challenges at the Grand Challenge, and the bronze prize at Korean College Students Mathematical Competition. Sanghun earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical sciences at KAIST.

Junghwan Oh, Legal

Junghwan Oh is a legal counsel and lawyer with a Certified Investment Manager. Before joining Mint, Junghwan worked at litigation and transaction in law firms such as Godo(medicine), Tek&Law(IT), and Jinyul(finance), and at legal affairs team in Korea Racing Authority. Junghwan majored in law from Seoul National University.

Libertas per veritatem


To advance human progress by maximizing capital efficiency through mathematics, science, and engineering.


Through algorithmic and quantitative trading improved by continuous research, produce the maximum profit for the company, its employees, and the investors.

Freedom through Truth

Trading is a process of reallocating capital. To profit in trading is to be faster than others at deciding where the capital must rightly be. It is to opportunely provide capital to entities that are the most effective in making progress; conversely, it is also to deleverage those who are less efficient, or even creating negative impact. Therefore, every millisecond we capture as profit accelerates the emergence and the growth of new technologies and industries.

In making such contributions, the pure Truth obtained via mathematics, science, and engineering is our only means of operation. It is against our methods to impose authority, manipulate regulations, or persuade through impression.

In our pursuit of the truth, as we accelerate the evolution of human civilization, we are awarded capital. Larger capital enables more choice. More choice begets more freedom. Capital, which is the by-product of our vocation, is our version of deciphered freedom.

Hence Freedom through Truth, id est Libertas per veritatem.

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